Cake Decorating Tip & Techniques

From purchasing the modeling tools to baking the cake and layering the fondant, here are some tips and techniques for you:

1- You must know what each cake sculpture & modeling tools are used for:

download-33 Ball tools used to soften flower petals & make some dents if you are making sugar balls.

cake-making-toolswheel tool used to make shredded edges or inner leaf outline

m56xvdimvx3t829d5b8dsha Scalpel knife used to trim fondant excess in small areas

pme-quilting-tool-qt425 quilting modeling tool: used to draw designs in the cake

2412-0 scallop and comb; the scallop makes smiling faced & fish skin pattern while the comb marks over the fondant by dragging and drawing lines

bladeshelltool_1Blade & shell tool; blade used for cutting, shell used to make deep lines in fondant ex. flowers

2- Baking the Cake

You can either choose a vanilla cake, chocolate cake or white cake according to you preferences, sponge cake won’t be the suitable choice

3- Preparing the frosting

Before layering the fondant you can fill the cake with either butter-cream frosting, cream-cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, or coffee frosting.