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Cake Decorating Tip & Techniques

From purchasing the modeling tools to baking the cake and layering the fondant, here are some tips and techniques for you:

1- You must know what each cake sculpture & modeling tools are used for:

download-33 Ball tools used to soften flower petals & make some dents if you are making sugar balls.

cake-making-toolswheel tool used to make shredded edges or inner leaf outline

m56xvdimvx3t829d5b8dsha Scalpel knife used to trim fondant excess in small areas

pme-quilting-tool-qt425 quilting modeling tool: used to draw designs in the cake

2412-0 scallop and comb; the scallop makes smiling faced & fish skin pattern while the comb marks over the fondant by dragging and drawing lines

bladeshelltool_1Blade & shell tool; blade used for cutting, shell used to make deep lines in fondant ex. flowers

2- Baking the Cake

You can either choose a vanilla cake, chocolate cake or white cake according to you preferences, sponge cake won’t be the suitable choice

3- Preparing the frosting

Before layering the fondant you can fill the cake with either butter-cream frosting, cream-cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, or coffee frosting.




Healthy Food


What to eat, What not to eat?

Ever thought of what kind of food that is really good for your health?

Here is a Checklist that will help you out in your food decisions:

1-Eat a Variety of food and don’t stick to one or more kind of food, this reduces the risks of toxic substances present in a specific types of food.
2- Decide your portions, when you feel that you are full, stop eating. The left over food is better in the waste than on your waist.
3- The line that you read in all nutrition articles eat a lot of fruits and veggies, they are rich in fibers and beneficial nutrients. Go for a fresh fruit than its juice.
4- Keep sodium down, potassium up sodium increases blood pressure while potassium reduces it, sodium rich food: salt, sauces & dressings, pickles, cheese, potato chips, instant soups & fast food. Potassium rich food: bananas, potatoes, citrus fruits, beans & yoghurt.
5- Are your bones healthy, if not, then you need to take more calcium & Vitamin D. Calcium is present in dairy products and Vit D is made by your own body when exposing your skin to sunlight, food isn’t enough to provide you with the right amount of Vit D that your body needs, thus if you live in Northern areas then you need to take Vit D supplements.
6- Limit your soda & sweetened beverages intake, they have lots of calories yet few nutrients, you should drink no more than one cup of soda or artificial juices a day.
7- Last but not least; have more whole grains which are present in bread, barley and oats; reduce the 3 harmful whites which are salt, sugar and flour; Go for Fish, Fish, Fish they are simply healthy unsaturated fats; this thing might upset you but you need to cut down on the red meat you eat.


Upcoming Cooking Classes

chicken BBQ

Classes Schedule For March 2017
Italian Cooking Class
Monday March 13th at 5:30pm

Cannelloni with blue cheese filling, peas & shrimp risotto, almonds & pistachio biscotti.

Indian Cooking Class
Wednesday March 15th at 5:30 pm

Chicken Tikka, Spiced Green beans, Spinach rice with yogurt

American Cooking Class
Tuesday March 21st at 5:30 pm

Chicken with blue cheese, arborio rice, baked potao bites, tomato soup.

Pasta Cooking Class
Saturday March 25th at 3:30 pm

Pasta with Shrimps, Italian tuna salad, Fettuccine Aldredo