Around the World Cooking Course

Participate in hands-on cooking class from making Italian lasagne,American Fried Chicken, to Chinese egg rolls & delicious Indian dishes. Classes are posted weekly.

Pastry Making

Learn all the tips & techniques of pastry making from brioche bread, Croissant, cheese bread, fried onion bread, doughnuts and a lot more.

Pasta Classes

Learn the different types of pasta & their sauces, in addition to beef, & shrimp pasta dishes.

Desserts & Pastry Cooking Classes

Learn the basic desserts every chef should know, from creme brulee, chocolate souffle, fruit tart to Americanized chocolate molten cake, peanut butter bars & banana bread

I Love Egypt Cooking Classes

Learn Authentic Egyptian Dishes
Kindly e-mail us at 
  to book your “I Love Egypt” cooking class


Kids Cooking Classes

Let your child learn how to cook in a Fun Way
Class includes decorating cup cakes, making mini pizzas & salads