Healthy Food


What to eat, What not to eat?

Ever thought of what kind of food that is really good for your health?

Here is a Checklist that will help you out in your food decisions:

1-Eat a Variety of food and don’t stick to one or more kind of food, this reduces the risks of toxic substances present in a specific types of food.
2- Decide your portions, when you feel that you are full, stop eating. The left over food is better in the waste than on your waist.
3- The line that you read in all nutrition articles eat a lot of fruits and veggies, they are rich in fibers and beneficial nutrients. Go for a fresh fruit than its juice.
4- Keep sodium down, potassium up sodium increases blood pressure while potassium reduces it, sodium rich food: salt, sauces & dressings, pickles, cheese, potato chips, instant soups & fast food. Potassium rich food: bananas, potatoes, citrus fruits, beans & yoghurt.
5- Are your bones healthy, if not, then you need to take more calcium & Vitamin D. Calcium is present in dairy products and Vit D is made by your own body when exposing your skin to sunlight, food isn’t enough to provide you with the right amount of Vit D that your body needs, thus if you live in Northern areas then you need to take Vit D supplements.
6- Limit your soda & sweetened beverages intake, they have lots of calories yet few nutrients, you should drink no more than one cup of soda or artificial juices a day.
7- Last but not least; have more whole grains which are present in bread, barley and oats; reduce the 3 harmful whites which are salt, sugar and flour; Go for Fish, Fish, Fish they are simply healthy unsaturated fats; this thing might upset you but you need to cut down on the red meat you eat.